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The 'drama of color' is a vibrant element in Marcus Lopez Photography.  From the moment a client presents a concept or assignment, he is already forming a vision with his strong creative eye.   Marcus offers his clients complete photographic services of the highest quality.  He shoots assignments inside the studio and on location.

Marcus is a native son of Texas.  His artistic vision of people and places first developed through his painting and then most recently with the skill of his camera.  He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Dallas in painting.  He continued in his creative development and was awarded a Master of Fine Arts from Columbia College Chicago in film and video.  His short films have been showcased in national film festivals from San Antonio to Boston.

In the last few years, Marcus has brought his strong visual style and creativity to photography.  His diverse interests include fashion, editorial, advertisement and unique portraits.  He uses his camera to create compelling & engaging imagery for his clients.